Ambitious or stupid ?

So I am a nutjob about to embark on, what is probably, the most idiotic idea ever…. its July 17th today and I plan to run the ING NYC Marathon in November (yes !! this year). Mind you the last time I ran was circa 1988 and that too a 400 meter dash. While running is in the genes from daddy dearest.. it definately hasn’t been cultivated or nurtured to any extent in me. If yt.. I signed up for the Tough Mudder as well in October. Hah !! it all sounds even worse when I write about it.
So I spend my days procrastinating from training and scouring the internet for miracle couch-t0-marathon in 3 months plan. Some say its possible, others say its not BUT all agree you need to be some sort of a runner. HURDLE 1 – become some sort of runner.
So I came across this insane HIIT treadmill workout. Gonna try it tonight and see if I survive.
I sourced it from

  • 0-2:00 – Jog at 5 mph
  • 2:10-4:00 – Run at 7.5 mph
  • 4:10-5:00 – Run at 10 mph
  • 5:10-7:00 – Run at 7.5 mph
  • 7:10-8:00 – Lower speed to 1.5 mph, perform walking lunges, always alternating legs
  • 8:10-12:00 – Run at 7.5 mph
  • 12:10-17:00 – Lower speed to 3.5 mph, turn around and run/jog backwards
  • 17:10-20:00 – Turn around and run forwards at 7.5 mph
  • 20:10-21:00 – Lower speed to 1.5 mph, perform walking lunges
  • 21:10-24:00 – Run at 8 mph
  • 24:10-27:00 – Raise incline to 12%, run at 5 mph
  • 27:10-28:00 – With incline at 12%, run/jog backwards at 2.5 mph
  • 28:10-32:00 – Lower incline to 0%, turn around and run at 8 mph
  • 32:10-34:00 – Run at 9 mph
  • 34:10-36:00 – Run at 5.5 mph
  • 36:10-38:00 – Lower speed to 1.5 mph, perform walking lunges
  • 38:00-44:00 – Raise speed to 3.5 mph, turn around and run/jog backwards
  • 44:10-47:00 – Raise incline to 15%, run at 4.5 mph
  • 47:10-48:00 – Step off treadmill and perform as many body weight squats as possible
  • 48:10-51:00 – Get back on treadmill, lower incline to 0%, run at 8 mph
  • 51:10-53:00 – Lower speed to 1.5 mph, perform walking lunges
  • 53:10-55:00 – Run at 9 mph
  • 55:10-57:00 – Raise incline to 20%, run at 4 mph
  • 57:10-60:00 – Lower incline to 0%, run at 9 mph
  • Get off treadmill – Perform 40 squat jumps.

So while I spend 10-11PM tonight testing my treadmills’ ability to incline and speed up, lets hope the God of Running takes pity on me and silently applauds my naivete and delusion to run a marathon, thus bestowing upon me the ability to run atleast 3 minute intervals without searing pains shooting through my sides.  

At the risk of sounding cliche and starting yet another blog on the great journey of weight loss.. I sadly admit that is the undercurrent to my insanity. As I get more and more raptured with test-your-limits workouts, the secretary spread grows in abundance as too much is done resting on my laurels..literally. Ask me how many Beachbody workouts I own at home, T-25 just showed up yesterday, Insanity and Insanity Asylum are collecting dust. I have done all of them vicariously through the infomercials. No excuse now… I signed up for the marathon and the tough mudder and am too involved to back out. Even if it takes 10 hours.. I will run/walk/roll/crawl/kick and scream the 26.2 miles. Somehow I think it will be more of the rolling and crawling.
In the great words of Lady Gaga – It was my delusion and naivety that brought me here.